China Practice & Shanghai Office

China’s economic growth rate, and the desire for foreign investment have provided unprecedented opportunities for foreign businesses.

As pioneers in this field, Vincent T. K. Cheung, Yap & Co has been building relationships and expertise in China since 1992.  Our office in Shanghai, which was established in 1992, was one of the first foreign law firms licensed by the Chinese Ministry of Justice providing comprehensive assistance to our clients who wish to do or expand their businesses into the PRC.

We have been advising local and international companies on transactions involving the PRC.  Our teams of experienced lawyers, both in Hong Kong and Shanghai, have extensive expertise, contacts and connections in the PRC market, enable us to meet different needs of clients.

Our extensive understanding of the Chinese culture, language, the role of government as well as the practice and procedures of commercial activities in the PRC, enables us to inspire confidence in the businesses we work with and manage to follow precisely the necessary legal formalities and the dynamics of legal and social development of the PRC.

With the increasing ties with PRC, we continuously engaged in transactions and cases with a significant cross-border aspect, we work closely to ensure clients receive a fully integrated and effective legal service wherever required.

Particular areas of expertise include:

  • Formation of PRC Investment Vehicles
  • Foreign Client Investment
  • Corporate Structure
  • Direct Investments: joint ventures, partnerships and overseas corporations
  • Setting up of representative office for foreign enterprises in China
  • Banking, Credit and Security
  • Real Estate Development
  • Succession, Transfer and Assignment of Real Estate
  • Taxation planning
  • General Advisory

China Attestation

Hong Kong is part of China. Therefore documents normally notarized in Chinese embassies in foreign countries for use in the PRC are attested before a China-appointed Attesting Officer in Hong Kong. The types of documents which required to be attested mainly include declarations, certifications and powers of attorney.

Amongst our partners, we have two China-appointed attesting officers, appointed by the PRC Ministry of Justice based in our Hong Kong office, who are authorized to verify, attest and notarize documents for use in PRC, as well as to witness the signatures, attest and certify the legal acts and matters in the PRC.

The main types of documentations to be attested include:

  • Declaration of marital status
  • Declaration for succession or surrender of real estate in the PRC
  • Declaration required for child adoption
  • Certification for company commercial and business documents used for trading and investments in the PRC
  • Power of Attorney for legal proceedings in the PRC
  • Power of Attorney in the sale or purchase of properties in the PRC